Our Process

How We Make Magic.

We diligently craft products the right way.
Our products are built with quality in mind so that you can extend and scale without having to rebuild. Taking time to scope and strategise a product that will be successful is as important as building it with the right technologies. We walk you through the strategy, design and engineering processes making sure that they are all coherrent.
If it doesn't make sense, we wont build it. But if we do - we'll make it excellent!
Getting Started
Initial Conversation.

The initial conversation is used to establish the understanding of both parties and to understand the in general the vision. We aim to also provide a fundamental understanding of tech development, the processes and technologies used. How we can help you is the primary aim of this call. In order to do that we want to know as much about the project as possible.

A basic brief
Writing down your vision.

Writing down a few requirements, what the vision is and what problem you aim to solve with your new technology platform is crucial to determining its success. If you have not properly thought about what you want to have developed and if it does not solve a problem then it is probably not worth building. We do not want to build something that people do not need and definitely do not want you to waste your money.

Cutting the fat
Most Projects need to be whittled down.

Most projects are grand idea's that throw in the kitchen sink. But rarely do projects really require so much in their scope for launch. There's nothing more valuable than Data Driven Development - and if you are just starting - well then you probably don't have much data. So cutting out the excess ensures you don't waste time and money on things that don't matter so that you can focus on the things that really do.

Proposal & Scope
We submit a formal proposal.

From our initial conversation and the brief we received we will create a formal proposal that outlines the requirements of the project, an estimated timeframe and cost. In addition we try to create some flexibility by identifying different ways the project can be adjusted to generate the most value, create user growth and create sustainability for the future.

User Experience and User Interface
First the wireframes and then the design.

Our product manager and designers will work closely with you to create a series of wireframes. In addition our skilled branding designers can help you re-brand or create a new brand for your product. A beautiful logo will define the styleguide of your product and without proper branding your entire site will struggle to gain any clout. Once those are agreed on a series of high fidelity mockups are created that show the overall function of your site. We create a list of tasks that are managed on trello so that you can track things more closely. Furthermore, if required we put together an INVISION APP prototype so that your application can be experienced.

The Agile Approach
Defining epics and user stories.

We use an Agile method for our product development cycles. This requires clearly defined actions that a user takes in order to accomplish specified tasks. This compiled together make epics which are major components of your final product. Putting these together makes navigating the development of the product clearer to the whole team from product managers, designers, engineers and yourselves. In fact this is where most of the changes to the product occur - so having an agile approach means we can accomodate those within a reasonable degree of freedom.

We Start Coding
With a clearly defined roadmap our team begins coding.

Our agile coding means regular pushes to a staging server where you can see the progress being made on the application. We send weekly reports to update you on our constant progress and if any issues may have arisen in order to address them in a timely fashion. Above all else we make sure that each user story is completed to your exact requirements as agreed. Once complete we do extensive user testing to ensure that all bugs are squashed!

Ready, Launch!
Share your product with the world.

With the first version of your new application complete and thoroughly tested we're ready to launch the product to the world. This is a crucial time where you will gain many insights from your new users and understand where your business is succeeding and where it may be struggling. We are on hand to ensure a smooth launch with enough server capacity to handle the load while also making sure all issues are addressed. In addition we keep you on track with the best analytics tools integrated so that you can properly track the progress of your users and where their dropoff points may be!